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18 June 2012 @ 12:39 pm
If I ever somehow became rich, I swear all of my extra spending money would be spent on Modcloth. Seriously have you seen their dresses? HAVE YOU SEEN THEIR DRESSES? Gorgeous!!!

Oh and I haven't updated this journal in like years....My bad. It's kind of a wasteland. But there are still a lot of cool things on LJ that aren't on IJ so I still need it. A more up to date journal can be found on IJ with the same name. But honestly, I mostly use that for RP and don't update it that much either.

Sorry to all my old friends on here. I know I'm awful.
17 March 2009 @ 04:59 pm
Happy St. Patricks Day everyone!
08 December 2007 @ 12:18 pm
I might as well post about my birthday too. It was on the 6th, as usual. It's very prompt like that. And the beginning was awful, it took all my willpower not to cry during school, haha. Very sad. My two friends, Julia and David weren't even there, and even though I told them about my birthday like the day before they forgot all about it until Friday when it was mentioned that the day before was my birthday. I pretty much hate my birthday though, so it's alright. I always expect it to matter, but it never does. Julia had to go to Salt Lake with her sister that day. Which I guess was fine for her, but on my birthday I think I should be allowed to be selfish, so I was kind of sad about that. It made me feel unloved, which is kind of silly, but that's how it made me feel. David was gone because he had a root canal a few years ago and it just got infected or something which left him with tons of pain and dentist appointments. I guess that's a more legitimate reason, but it was still very disappointing. I was very mad at his mouth. The day before I sent him an email in the spur of the moment, with a lot of venting that sounded a lot meaner then it should have, because I was worried that he would not be at school for my birthday, which turned out justified, and also I don't want him to transfer out of history like he said he would and go into Geography, call me selfish but whatever, maps were invented so that we didn't have to take geography, but he did not know that that was what I was worried about, and I think overthought things and said "Wow, you can be really mean," so that made me feel guilty as well. And then I sent him another email to cover that email that probably made things a lot worse. I said many things that I regret far more then the possibly mean things. Like about the time that my mother was really freaky and told me that he had the grace of a gazelle. And about how my sister was an aspiring cannibal. So yeah, and he had basically no response to that, or something so he didn't email me back which made me think that he now hates me and my weirdo quirks and is wondering why on earth he ever started talking to me in the first place. So yeah, many not great emotions that morning. So I went to History and Drivers Ed. History was well history. My mother went down to the office and had them announce that it was my birthday, because I didn't want to tell everyone, because I think it sounds kind of conceited to say "Hey, today's my birthday," for some unfathomable reason. Mr. Blackham offered me an orange and when I said no thank you, he offered me some beef jerky, and when I said no thank you to that, he offered me a book off of his book shelf, that was kind of funny. Jake and Sariah told me happy birthday which was nice, and Megan said yay, which I guess was good or something, and then we took notes on Muslims which I really focused on because if I started thinking about other things I knew that I would burst into tears, which is not a good thing to do at all. Then after history I went to Drivers Ed, and we finished up this one group assignment where you had to have a partner. I'm like the only junior in that class so no one would be my partner, shocker. So I figured out a way to do them by myself, I basically made the ones that couldn't possibly be done partnerless up, which was bad of me, but whatever. For the last thing we had to do a girl offered to write down the times though, which made me feel like at least God loved me, so it wasn't too bad in the end. Then afterwards I waited in the parking lot for my parents for like fifteen minutes which made me think that they forgot. I am so paranoid. But they didn't, and so we went to Hunan City and had chinese food that was very very very good, and my mother informed me there that when she said that David had the grace of a gazelle she wanted to say wilderbeast, or giraffe, but thought that that would be too mean. It was interesting. Then we went to Walmart where I looked for a christmas present for Lula to no avail and also two white elephants because both my honors classes want to have a White Elephant gift exchange. I ended up buying dominoes. Oh and the special edition Princess Bride case is awesome. It's like the same backwards and frontwords. Just thought I'd mention that. Then we went home, and I typed up the notes I took in history and emailed them to David, and printed them out for Julia. Typing up notes is not my idea of a good birthday activity, but what can I say? I'm hopeless. Well at least Julia said thank you. She was very sad about something the next day it looked like she'd been crying. I didn't ask why though. I'm a horrid person. Then when like all my grandparents came over for pizza, David started IMing me. Telling me what horrible pain he was in and everything. That made me feel much better. Not about the pain, about the IMing. But it was difficult to maneuver from family to IMing and back so that neither group felt abandoned. Yeah, once again, I'm horrible. We had cake but I was still stuffed from Chinese food and instead just opted for the ice cream, and then I opened presents. My parents gave me the shirts that I'd picked out the day before, Heidi and Lula gave me a Kristin Chenoweth CD since I'm on a major Cheno kick right now. And it's pretty good. Very religious though. But that makes it a good Sunday cd so it's all good. I want to give the Joyful Joyful song to Sam for some reason. Holly gave me Music and Lyrics. Which makes me happy because it was a good romantic comedy as far as romantic comedies go. Scott didn't bother to show up, and my brother David thought that him actually being there was present enough. But oh well. My grandparents gave me this one solitaire marble game which I really like and twenty dollars which I really really like. My other grandma gave me a pin, which is cute but I'll probably never wear unfortunately, some perfume that does not smell very good, and a wallet with fifteen dollars. Oh and my aunt gave me soap. Then I played Munchkin with like six people, so by the end my birthday actually turned out much better then I expected.
08 December 2007 @ 12:04 pm
Okay so last night I went out with a guy named Steven from my sunday school class. I've liked him for quite some time so I practically died when he asked me, and was nervous beyond all belief. We went to this Divine Comedy show, and it was very funny. They spoofed High School musical, Wishbone, Sexyback, Gilligan's Island, Les Mis, and did a bunch of other little skits like this one at the library that was completely and utterly hilarious and let's face it, I loveth the spoofs, so I was in comedy heaven, disregard the pun, if you noticed it. So I had a very good time with that, and then afterwards we went and got Jamba Juice. I'd never had that before, I think, yeah, and it was pretty good. Steven and I talked the entire time with very few awkward silences, which was like a miracle in and of itself. So yeah, I had a very good first date considering all of the possible things that could go wrong. And I realized that Steven and I are not soul mates or destined to be together in any way and if he was to marry Britni in the future or something, I wouldn't mind. It wasn't that he wasn't an interesting or great guy. Because he was, he just isn't my interesting or great guy. Truth be told, and I feel insanely guilty about this, but for most of the time, I wished that it was David with me instead. Great, now I feel like a horrible person. But Steven was really nice, we spent almost the entire time talking about school and movies, and the show we just saw, which was fun. And if he asked me out again I would go, but if he doesn't ask me out again, I'd be fine with that too. So all in all it was a good first date I think. It was kind of funny though, because we went on a double date with Steven's brother and his blind date, a lady coincidentally named Britney, and the second Britney left the car Justin and Steven started grading her, like going "Well she was alright," "Yeah" "Kind of out of it though, because she took cough medicine before" "Yeah" "It was weird that she didn't remember when she graduated." and other things like that, the proper etiquette she used and everything. So the second I left the car I had to wonder how they were grading me. It was kind of amazing how much sway their mother has over them, because Justin, the brother, said that he'd never met Britney but his mother had met her at a wedding and asked if she was open to a blind date, so Justin called her up. I thought that was kind of funny, but you'd kind of have to know the mother I think. So yeah, it was good. As is Jamba Juice. And he paid for me. It made me feel powerful and guilty all at the same time. But anyway, yay! I'm actually dateable after all for someone at least once.
17 November 2007 @ 10:39 am
Okay, so since I haven't posted since school ended, this could be quite hefty. I probably wouldn't post at all, but I'm having a very delayed reaction to a Sam nudge so here it goes. So this summer I had regular summerness for about three weeks. They were a nice three weeks, and then my mother made me go stay with my Aunt in Idaho. Now I love my aunt and cousins and everything, that isn't a question, but I was very objected to this, because she wanted me to stay for a month. That seemed like wayyy too much time to be a guest at someones house. When you are a guest you have to exhibit guest like behavior at all times, and I probably sound horrible for saying this, but that is really unappealing to me. But anyway even though I objected we still had to go. My parents bought plane tickets. Scott was going to football camp in Utah so we both took the plane together. My parents were freaking out because we were going on a plane alone. I was kind of freaking out too, but it turned out to be fine. I left feeling very very independent. Like I was ready to buy my own house or something. My dad was really sweet when he dropped us off. He wouldn't leave until he was absolutely positive that we were on the plane. He just sat on the stairs for like an hour watching us wait. We stayed at my grandparents for like two days after that, well Scott only stayed for like one before going to camp. I went to this country music thing at the Scera with my other aunt, and that was fun. I wasn't really a big fan of the music, it was okay, but it was still fun. I had a churro. It was very good. And then the next day we went to the Blue Bird restaurant to meet my aunt, the food there was very good, which it should have been seeing how long it took them to make it, I had sweet and sour chicken, a bunch of people tried strawberry chicken, which actually tasted kind of good. Weird concept though. And then there was a swap. Aunt Louise traded Natalie for me so that Natalie could get home and off we went. The drive was kind of boring. Aunt Louise was really sweet though, like usual, I know this is also probably horrible, but she's my favorite aunt. And then we went and saw Beauty and the Beast. My cousin Jeana was a dish cloth in it. It was pretty good. I did keep comparing it to the Beauty and the Beast that my school put on earlier. I liked the Beast better in this one, and the duster lady. Eh. They were both good. So I basically moved into their basement. We went to the library the next day and checked out a bunch of books for me to devour, and so all was well. I really liked it there. Especially the people in the ward. I didn't know that ward people could be so nice. I was on a major X men kick while there, I pretty much watched that movie continually on my portable, and then paced across the basement thinking about it to various Wicked songs and such. Bruce wasn't around much at all because he had a roguing job. And when he was around, he was pretty much too tired to do much, because of his roguing job. Jeana and him are really really close. That kind of fascinates me. I could probably never be that close to any of my brothers. Roguing sounds like hell to me personally, but Bruce seemed to really love it. He'd always come home, eat his weight in food, and tell us pearls of Roguer wisdom, such as what not to do in front of a Roguer unless you want to be thrown into a ditch. We rented Man on Fire one time. Really really depressing movie. It did have Denzel though, and he is still as awesome as ever. It's Jeana's job to clean the Roguing vehicles, and I helped a couple times. I can say with certainty that I will never marry a Roguer. You have to wear masks in order to be able to breath in those cars. On the fourth of July we watched a parade and then went to a car show, and then later we had dinner which was amazing, and went to see Transformers. Minus transformers, which was far too cheesy for me to take, it was probably my best fourth of July ever. I even won a raffle. Because I bought Munchkin and they gave me tickets for buying Munchkin and apparently I won. I got this organizer thing that is exceptionally cool, despite the fact that I have nothing to put in, and in any case, I got Munchkin. Jeana and Bruce had this game called Killer Bunnies. So fun. I wanted it. But I bought Munchkin instead, because it looked like fun. And it is. Well when I get people to play it with me. It seems like it's more of an Idahoan game. Utah and New Hampshire people aren't really all that into it. Which is sad. I still need to get Killer Bunnies. We flooded the yard once and played Volleyball. That was really interesting. There were so many drowning bugs it wasn't even funny. The water was disturbingly warm in some places. I even went to Girls Camp there for a couple days. And I even had a pretty good time. We went propelling. Well actually I kind of just watched people propelling because I wasn't allowed to propel because I wasn't a native to that ward. Though even if I could, I probably wouldn't have. Maybe. I don't know. Our ride left early because he had a court case. So we kind of broke the rules and walked back to camp. After we survived going down a really really steep mountain that I was sure would break my ankle. We crossed two rivers and felt very much like Snow White. One girl couldn't cross, so we piggybacked her over. We did this one service project while there where we cut out places from magazines and glued them to pieces of paper. I didn't really understand it, but it was okay. I was kind of really miserable that day. I felt like I wanted to die. Halfway through a lot of people left and went to go make cotton candy. The camp supervisors weren't too pleased with that at all. But then they apologized for not being too pleased with it, when we sent bags to each ward. We played some Munchkin there and that was really fun. Cryshel really loved that game. She was sweet. And we did a skit for skit night that was based off of Little Bunny Foo Foo. Cryshel was the angel of mercy. And I was the heavenly messenger that said the same line each time. I dressed like a bouncer with a whistle that I blew whenever someone did something wrong to announce the Angel of Mercy's presence, my line was "Down came the Angel of Mercy and she said" and I had all these gangsta hand signals while Cryshel would give her little speech. And then after she threatened to turn them into goons, I'd either hit my hand with a fist or I'd make some gesture to indicate death. It was pretty fun. Aunt Louise told me that later they were given the opportunity to do it again but didn't want to without Cryshel and I. And then we went to some star gazing thing and I went home and took a shower at like twelve o clock at night. The shower was like heaven though my feet were irritated for days afterwards. They had gigantic bug bites on them. And they were burnt pretty badly from when I went tubing down the river with Jeana and her friends and forgot to put sunscreen on them. During the tube ride there was like this one waterfall thing and instead of going around it like we should have, we went straight through it. I wasn't hurt too badly, kind of banged up, but Kelsey got a huge cut going down her leg and we kind of ended up walking the rest of the way. I never really got the hang of tubing. I would either go too fast or too slow, so I was always either wayy in the front or wayyyy in the back. But it was still very fun. I ate a lot of otter pops while over there. We went to Sam's club a couple of times. I liked that store. Their churros aren't nearly as good as the Sceras though. They did have HUGE slices of pizza though and that was pretty cool. After living in New Hampshire for two years I couldn't get over how cheap food was there. I was like "Wow!" everytime we came across a food item. Then again, New Hampshire had no tax, and I shall sorely miss that. We went garage saling a couple times. I really loved that. I couldn't believe my mother hadn't exposed me to the wonders of it before. The first time I got a bunch of hats and a book, and Aunt Louise got some water barrels and an entertainment set thing. I also got some presents for my little sisters. Because I am insane and love to buy presents for people, I even got my mother a chocolate fondue fountain. It's pretty much an addiction. The second time we went it was after we drove down to Orem for a family reunion. I didn't know any of those people, but I met one of my mother's cousins, named Bretton. Weird name. Anyway, we went to Kiss me Kate that night. It was horrible. One of the worst plays I have ever seen. Plot holes galore. Some of the songs were okay though. I had the 'It's too darn hot' song stuck in my head for days. Then we went garage saling with Natalie in Salt Lake the next morning. That was fun. We went to this one house and it had like elk heads and snake skins and furs and all of this stuff, because the people hosting it were like hunter guys or something. I got a chair made out of snake skin for like five bucks though. And I love it. I also got this roller coaster tycoon game for Scott and a bunch of board games and all of this other stuff to give to my family. Like I said, addiction. Jeana got a map at the same place I got the Roller Coaster Tycoon. It was pretty cool, and they had a really cute little dog there, it was a Westie. At the hunters sale thing, we found this bear paw and Aunt Louise got super excited because she thought that Bruce would love it, and she couldn't wait to give it to him. But then when we got back and did give it to him, he wasn't excited at all. Aunt Louise was very disappointed. She later turned it into a lesson in our class at church about being grateful for what God gives you. Uncle Larry was very excited though. So we gave it to him. By the time that I actually had to go, I was actually kind of sad. The night before I left they threw a surprise party for me, and that was pretty much the nicest thing ever. We had koolaid and popcorn and played Munchkin before watching Sweet Lands, which has got to be one of the cutest movies I have ever seen. I think my mother would love it if she ever saw it. Which she hasn't yet despite my constant prodding. Then the next day I boarded this shuttle bus thing. Five hour drive. But it was air conditioned. I just kind of slept. We had tried to unbuy the thing so that my mother could drive up and get us and we could visit our other cousins which I really wanted to do, but the people wouldn't let us. So I didn't get to visit them. Which was kind of sad because I really wanted to see them, it had been two years and all. Especially Bryson. Because out of all of my cousins we probably get along together the best, not that I don't get along with my cousins, it's just that we well, we have fun together. He actually thinks I'm funny and that's rare. Scott gets jealous, which I find funny. Josh is kind of annoying though. Vance is funny. Carson is well Carson. Anyway, so I rode the bus home and was feeling kind of sad because they gave me this envelope filled with all of these nice letters and I missed them already kind of and thought that it was kind of sad that once I had finally made friends in a ward, I had to leave them. So anyway, my mother picked me up we went to a couple places like Target and then I spent pretty much the rest of the summer unpacking and stuff and also getting my learners permit. Towards the end, my cousin Bob, Boogeyman Bob as Heidi used to refer to him, came back from his mission, so we went back up to Idaho for that. That was nice. It kind of gave me closure. We went to this place called Big Judds, and they had the biggest hamburgers I had ever seen. If you eat a whole one, you get like your name on their wall, but I could barely master a fourth. Bruce ate tons though. Almost an entire one, but not quite. And then we had ice cream cones, that after the fourth of a burger, we could barely stomach. It was very good food. Tons of it. And then we had this Cousin party thing. And we played night games, that didn't go very well at all. Especially since some of us were in flip flops and we were running through alfalfa fields. Very dangerous. And then we watched the funniest episode of Arrested Development. Josh was a pain about it, but everyone else had a good time. Bryson and I got to chat quite a bit, and then the next day we went to church, I got to see my ward friends again, and then we had dinner. Which was basically fried chicken and a bunch of salads and such. It was very windy out there, so many people's food ran away. Bryson and I snuck off to the basement and watched a bunch of Arrested Development. That was fun. And then I rode towards home with him for about an hour, as did Scott, and we talked the entire time. Scott was not pleased. Especially since we basically talked about school the entire time. But then again, pfft. Scott's 'retarded'. On Bones I learned a word for him. It's "Philistine". That was basically my summer. Oh and me and Holly had a major Angel marathon. We watched the first two seasons in like two weeks. Then she stopped. Silly girl.
I haven't posted in forever, so I figured I might as well do so now. Umm, well last week was finals week and it was really really painful, well at least ISH was. Ug. Mrs. Taurez(sp?) is the devil incarnate. Is it sad that I've gone the entire year and I have no clue how to spell the teacher's name? Eh. Well anyway, she's evil. She barely teaches and when she does it's at a mediocre level and when she tests it's at a very advanced level that no one has any hope of being prepared for, because she does not teach correctly. I'm sorry, but if Jessie and Hilary aren't getting A's, THERE IS A SERIOUS PROBLEM! The ISH final was basically the death of me. I studied for it for over twelve hours, and seriously a random person from a random place could have randomly walked into that classroom and randomly taken the final and had just as good a chance as I did to do well on that final. She didn't start reviewing until the day before, so we didn't have much notice on what to study, not that that helped because she basically said Study Everything which we all did. She gave us all these problems that she told us to be ready for on the test and so naturally we spent a great deal of time studying those, and then they weren't really on the test, and if they were, it was on a much more advanced level then she had taught ever. I'm sorry, but these are Honors people, they are the ones that study til their eyes fall out of their sockets, and always do their homework and are never ever late, they are not the type that should all be failing the class, and if they are, then something must seriously be up with the teacher. Why can't anyone see that? Willie, who is like a bonefide genius, seriously, had problems with the final. A lot of us cried during the test, seriously, with tears, and Miss Torez didn't even seem phased. At all. She's heartless. There's no way around that. There's no other way she could just sit there and completely and utterly crush and shatter a bunch of people if she had any thing resembling a heart. I didn't cry until afterwards, on the bus, thankfully, but I couldn't stop shaking. I think that even if I did get a multiple choice question right, the scantron won't pick it up because I was shaking so darn much. Anyway, it was pretty much the worst afternoon ever. I dearly hope that no one else can relate to this at all, and if they can, well then, I'm so sorry. *hugs* The other exams went alright though. During Teen Roles, which is like some really pitiful attempt at a health class, we had to duct tape a girl to the wall. The boys took over and the girls had to sit and watch as they royally screwed it all up. She lasted on the wall for like 15 seconds before she fell off. Silly guys. Then I had my math midterm, which went just fine. Miss Davidson may have flaws, but final making isn't one of them. It was easy if you knew what you were doing, and if you didn't know what you were doing then there were enough questions that if you knew what you were doing on most other things, you had a good chance that it wouldn't impact it much. It was fairly time consuming, it took about 2 hours, but it was just fine. Then there was the dreaded ISH mid term that I already addressed. The next day there was the french midterm which was much like the math one, except much shorter and much easier. And then the ASH midterm, which I think went alright. The vocab section was the worst and the history section was challenging, but I think I did okay. Then for the last hour and a half we had to watch these three random movies and write about how they related to the course. The Deadly Mantis was the first one, it was this really cheesy 50s horror movie that caused us to laugh. The deadly mantis symbolized the atomic bomb or the cold war it was fairly predictable. The second one was The Girl Can't Help It, a horrible heart wrenching tragedy about a girl who only wants to be domestic and cook and clean all day, but is unfortunately too glamorous, so everyone wants her to have a career even though she only truly feels at home in the kitchen. Shakespeare would cry. Then we watched "Dick" which of course made fun of Watergate. It made me giggle in several instances. Then I was done. Yay for summer!
09 February 2007 @ 03:39 pm
The Supernatural Fandom people are making me sad.  I pretty much think they're all insane, which has led me to wonder that maybe they're all sane, but I'm very insane, so my insanity is causing me to view their sanity as insaneness.  The IMDb people seem to be the sanest, until this last ep, which has made me lose all Supernatural fandom hope, which is sad because then I only have one person to fangirl with, and I'm very much addicted to fangirling  so having less opportunites to do so makes me sad.  I don't even know why I'm here.  I just barely got better from my goopy awful melty gunky cough and sorethroat and cold mess, and yesterday I caught my sisters sore throat.  So I stayed home from and slept and watched X Files pretty much all day.  David Duchovny, why won't you love me?  Grrrr. My health luck is sucking this week.  First my feet, now this, and I have to miss out on a movie watching party thing, with pizza that I was supposed to go to today. 
06 February 2007 @ 07:07 pm
So once again I am left bored out of my scull, so I shall do the meme that Naughty posted because it looks like it took time.
05 February 2007 @ 09:35 am
So I shall post some fanfiction that myself and buffyholic725 wrote.

Title: Zil and Deanito
Rating: PG 13 Some scenes aren't suitable for guinea pigs.
Chapters: So far 8 chapters of insanity.
Show: Supernatural
Characters: Dean Winchester, Jo Harvelle, Sam Winchester eventually, and other people you've never even heard of.
Authors: Myself, and Sam.
Summary: Once upon a time there were two rather odd ladies who came across a fanfic. This fanfic was of unseemly awfulness where Sam Winchester has a relationship with some person. The fanfic captured the character of Sam so badly and had such an insipid plot that merely mentioning this plot caused the ladies computers to crash. However these two traumatized individuals decided to make lemonade out of this ghastly lemon, and thus created a parody, where they captured the character of Dean as well as the author of the other tale did with Sam. And thus they made Dean a priest with a wife and ten children who likes to fly jet planes. This is that story.


*Yay! Supernatural.
*I think I've seen this program.
*Gosh tv on tv sucks.
*How slovenlyish
*Is that the mayor? :o
*Nope.  He kind of has the same hair maybe.
*Ewww, too much eyeshadow, she looks like a raccoon.
*Oo Shiny.
* Well actually bright, but bright is shiny too right?
*Is that the same personage?
*Sam needs a haircut
*hee Sam's in scrubs.
*I find odd things funny.
*Angel of DEATH!
*ANGEL OF death, again.
*hee! Dean!
*Oh dear, he's blasting his poor ears out.
*It looks like he's having a total spaz attack.
*I've heard this song before.
*hee! He said "government facility"
*hee! Dean <3 "completely sane" *giggle*
* Awwwwwwww. :(
*"stir crazy" hee. Awwww.
*hee! Unicorns.
*Harmony would kill him.
*hee pun.
*HEE!! Sam is pwning this ep.
*The Impala is talking to us.  Like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, but no where near as creepy. *tries to make Impala sounds*
*I really should get more sleep.
*hee Dean sarcasm. *giggle*
*Is that from an elephant?
* That doesn't sound like the ocean.
*That guy looks demonical.
* Is his head chopped off?
*No that's just a necklace, you insane person.
*Supernatural was brought to us by gum.
* I wonder why I find that so funny
Back to the gum sponsored Supernatural ep.
*Why do all the radio cop ladies sound the same? Does every show use the wrong one, or is it just the static?
*Oh my gosh! TOTAL DEJA VU!
*This is wacky music.
*I wish they'd release scores.
*hee! Go Sam.
*Oo the plot thickens.
*Unless that's just what they want me to think.
*Did Dean just call him "Padre?"
*hee, me and Dean are on the same wavelength with the whole priest thing it looks like.
*AAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! *tears well up* AWWW!!!!!!!!! SAM!!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3*hug* *utter love*
*AWWWWW!! POOR DEAN! So conflicted. *hug*
*Oo! Pretty lights.
*That was psychotic
Back to SN:
*Dean is so Scully in this ep. :(
*Dr Seuss. *chortle*
*:o :o DEAN YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!! (slap!)
*Oh gosh, poor Dean, I'm sorry for my outburst.
*awww, poor poor Dean. *hug*
* Summon the spirit? That's so Charmed of them.
*AWWWWW!!! POOR DEAN!!! *hug*
*That line sounded bad.
*Ewww Spongebob *stabs*
*I'm probably the only one that hates that show.  Oh well.
*That seance is soo Charmed. *sad*
*AWWWWW!!! *hugs Sam* Awww!
**hugs Sam tighter*
*That guy is seriously creepy.
*Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Sam.
*Even Deanito would find this guy creepy
*GO DEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!
*Awwwww Sam.
*That was weird
*"Holy" hee pun.
*No Sam, don't start drinking, you suck at being a drunk person anyway. *hugs*
*AWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!! *tears* :'( Oh gosh, that ep was like the most emotional one for me ever.